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Whether it's sunflowers, wheat, soybeans, or any crop. Tri-State AG offers a full line of services from custom chemcal application, to crop consulting and seed sale. Call or come in and see us for all your agricultural production needs.

Ground Application


Custom chemical applicaton is our pride and joy at Tri-State Ag.  With a 120ft boom ground sprayer, we can get the job done right, efficiently, and quickly.

Aerial Application


With access to several different types of airplanes, and our own tender trucks, we can quickly and efficiently apply chemicals by the air, and minimize damage to your crops.

Fertilizer Sales


Tri-State AG takes pride of having the most liquid fertilizer stoage capacity available in Ellis county. Thanks to this we can have fertilizer available, when you need it, on a moments notice!

Seed Sales


From cotton seed, to seed wheat, to grass seed. We can supply you with any type of seed needed to produce the crop you always dreamed of!


Chemical Sales


We offer a full line of chemical sales to take care of whatever need may arise in your crop production. From fertilizer to herbicide, we are able to take care of your crop even before it's planted in the ground!


Crop Consulting


Not sure what to do with your ground? Let us know and we will formulate the right plans based on your soil type and location, so your production can be at it's best. 


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