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Wyatt Little


Tri-State AG was started out of a garage in 2009 and continues to give the same personal service, and commitment that we build our reputation on. We strive to make your experience with us as comfortable and as easy as possible.


Matt Little has been in the agriculture application and retail business almost since the day he was born. Agriculture is what his family has been in for many generations. In 2009 he decided to build on what he learned from years of experiences and opened Tri-State AG & Environmental LLC out of his home garage. Today, Tri- State AG is bigger than ever.  Tri-State AG is now the home to three locations!  Matt is very involved with his wife, kids, and two grandkids.   Matt also enjoys the outdoors either hunting, fishing, or just a nice evening ranger ride.   

Wyatt Little is Matt's son and came to join us as a salesman and consultant in 2013. Wyatt also operates our AG Cam Floater sprayer. Wyatt also farms and has cattle he tends to.  He loves to hunt, and also is part of Arnett's fire department.

Bryan Hajny
Salesman/ Land & Wildlife Consultant

Bryan Hajny has a long history of being in the agriculture world. He has had a lot of years and experiences in perfecting what he does. Tri-State AG is blessed to have him part of the team!  Bryan operates our New Holland SP275F front boom sprayer.  He is also a salesman and a land/ wildlife consulant. Byran is very involved with his kids, and also part of Arnett's fire department.  

Matt Little

Owner/ Consultant

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